Senior Java/C++ Developer



Leading International Bank is searching for Senior Java/C++ developer. The Vacancy is open in project dedicated to Magellan. At the heart of the investment banking IT landscape, Magellan has dozens of inbound and hundreds of outbound interfaces using different communication protocols. We ensure the stability and security of the existing solution and develop the next generation of transaction processing systems. The new solution should be simple, provide standard interfaces and use uniform implementations of functions, both for financial instruments with fixed income (bonds, repo) and their derivatives (futures, options, swaps), thereby providing a holistic picture for financial risk management, rapid development of systems in response to market or regulatory changes and low maintenance costs. The Bank is looking for both experts who are ready to apply their skills in a new field and specialists who want to build up their knowledge and experience in a challenging environment.

Working on the project you can

  • Use a wide range of programming languages ​​(Java, C ++ / MFC, C # / WPF, SQL)
  • Solve the most critical problems of traders and requests from regulators. Improve communication skills with business users, technical support and infrastructure experts, developers from other divisions around the world
  • Contribute to the creation of new generation systems for processing REPO transactions and consolidation of systems for financial instruments with fixed income and their derivatives, traded on the world’s leading trade platforms
  • Work with internal frameworks developed for fault-tolerant systems, business process management systems, data virtualization systems, data display systems
  • Participate in projects with a team of 7 to several hundred, with development cycles Agile and Waterfall.

What is expected from the candidate

• Significant development experience in Java, Spring, Hibernate, JMS, REST. Deep understanding of the principles of building fault-tolerant distributed systems with wide integration with other internal and external systems.
• Development experience in C ++, Visual C ++ / MFC, Boost, Rogue Wave, StingRay, Citrix. Ability to work with existing code and make changes to critical application functions.
• Ability to write complex SQL queries for Oracle data analysis
• Knowledge of basic Unix commands and tools for solving problems and debugging in Java and C ++
• Desire to automate routine operations, including assembling, testing and deploying systems.
• Contribution in all phases of systems development and implementation, including analysis of new requirements and problems in working systems, documenting design decisions and instructions for using and maintaining working systems. Ability to use the existing environment to bring the assigned tasks to the end within the agreed time frame and expected quality.

Key skills

  • Python
  • Java
  • SQL
  • Linux
  • Project management

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