IT Talent Assessment

We’ve got a multi-level assessment algorithm

Level 1. Head-hunting and formative evaluation

Our recruiters are well-trained and have experience precisely in IT sector: they know exactly what kind of technical competences you expect on the position and can evaluate suitability of a candidate within an accuracy of 75%. There is no place for usual misunderstanding between HR and IT departments. They also assess human qualities and soft skills of a future team member.

Level 2. Profound Technical Assessment (100%-ready candidate)

Our next evaluation step is comprehensive technical interview with IT skills advisor from our EdTech partner MEMO.

We present you only 100% ready and approved candidate.

Level 3. Psychiatric Examination (if needed)

We can offer comprehensive psychiatric examination conducted by a partner of the service – one of the best doctors, with many years of experience in evaluating personnel for top corporate and government positions.

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