IT Skills Development

Real-time workflow emulator testing (70%-ready candidate)

What if you have 70%-ready candidate that meets most of technical requirements but needs to bridge the knowledge gap on some specific area or have some extra skills? Usually you onboard such candidate and then senior team member gets an additional challenge: he spends working hours on mentoring and teaching. Prolonged on-boarding process inevitably drops the whole team efficiency. In such cases we recommend a Real-time Workflow Emulator realised by our EdTech partner MEMO. 

The best way to evaluate future employee is to see him in action. MEMO Emulator creates a real-time production process with practical tasks created individually for your candidate according to your specific requirements. The newcomer will get real cases, real tasks in work tracker, real deadline and his own mentor – project manager. The volume of data for your future programmer – backend developer, frontend developer or devops engineer will be equal to the volume he will face in real work.

Finally you will get 100%-ready candidate without risks and long-term education.

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