Executive Search

We strongly believe that searching for top management is one of the most important decisions our partners face. That’s why we’ve developed a unique technology for selecting top managers that combines deep analysis of business and market needs as well as networking using professional communities.

Our consultants consider the technical aspects of the project, the corporate culture of the employer, project locations, and any other specific client requests. When selecting candidates, we assess business skills, motivation, and candidate strengths using a set of proven techniques to ascertain the candidate’s suitability for a position.

We can offer comprehensive psychiatric examination conducted by a partner of the service – one of the best doctors, with many years of experience in evaluating personnel for top corporate and government positions.


As you see Global Hunter multi-level Verification Algorithm excludes the very possibility of presenting an unsuitable candidate. We will solve the problem of never-ending interviews, false-competent candidates and time-consuming ducation of newcomers.

Anyway Global Hunter guarantee a free replacement of a selected an on-boarded specialist in case of his incompetence revealed during probation period.

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