What to include in an attractive relocation package

Research from Totaljobs has revealed that half of British workers would be willing to relocate within the UK for work. This shows that UK workers are highly mobile within the UK – plus, one in five of the global workforce want to move to Britain.

Companies celebrating growth are likely to see this reflected in the recruitment of additional staff and the opening of new office spaces. These may become scattered across the UK, offering your existing staff lucrative relocation opportunities.

Many employees may be open to relocating for reasons unrelated to work – perhaps to live in a more rural area, start a family or be closer to a certain school, or simply experience a different city. However, 80% would only relocate for work if an employer offered them a relocation package.

If your company is growing, ensure employees are aware of the new opportunities that could arise outside of their current office. Relocating is clearly about much more than simply the role on offer. Highlighting the benefits of relocation in terms of lifestyle as well as the career opportunity, alongside being open to discussing how the company can support family members with the move, will help employees to make an informed decision about relocation.

If an employee were to relocate with their current employer, 74% would expect a relocation package. With this expectation, alongside the knowledge that incentives will no doubt encourage top talent to relocate, whether with their existing or different employer.

Increased salary

86% of respondents say they would expect a higher salary if they were to relocate for work. As relocation brings a lot of change with it and can have great impact on an employee’s family, a pay rise could encourage an employee to consider a move. Workers want to see how their career can benefit directly from a move.

Opportunities for promotion

Likewise, 28% of employees surveyed would be looking for a promotion as part of a relocation package. From an employee perspective, relocating is a big commitment and demonstrates their dedication to their employer by the very fact they are open to move for work.

Desiring an existing employee to relocate, rather than finding a new recruit, is a sure sign the employee exceeds expectations in their role. This could be proved further by offering the employee a promotion with their relocation – or at the very least, a clear path to promotion, if they were to accept the relocation offer.

Moving support

60% would want their moving costs to be covered or have assistance in regards to finding or offering temporary accommodation, in order for them to accept a relocation offer from an employer. Anything an employer can do to make the relocation process as stress-free and easy as possible will boost the morale of the worker during the moving period.

Ultimately, any employee considering relocation needs to feel their employer is as invested in the move as they are. Offering incentives to encourage workers to relocate is one thing, but for those who agree to an incentive, other aspects of a relocation package that ensure it is cost-efficient and as quick as possible, means workers can hit the ground running in their new office.

Source : www.totaljobs.com
Author : Ellie Green